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Monday, April 28, 2014

Decorative Mirror: A Delightful Addition to Your Room

Hanging a mirror in a small room has became an well known idea to make your room look bigger. Decorative mirrors are now very popular to design interior of your rooms. A wide varieties of decorative mirrors are available in stores and online. Most of these are usually brought as modern home decor products.

Before buying any decorative mirror, choose the right place to hang the mirror. Mirrors are itself heavy. And, when it is used as one of the home decorating accessories, based on materials surrounding the mirror, it becomes heavier. So,make sure that you will be providing enough support to hold the mirror on a wall. Here, I have added few of my favorite inexpensive decorative mirrors. Hope you will like my selections.

Mirrors: Wire Capiz Sunburst Wall Mirror
Find mirrors at! This round mirror is made of different sizes of round natur... [More]
Price: 84.99 Buy Now

22.5" x 24.5" Mirrors: Mosaic Mirror - Pew...
Find mirrors at! Give
your room an updated look with the 22.5x24.5 pewter an...[More]
Price: 39.99 Buy Now


Mirrors: Wall Mirror - Natural
Find mirrors at! This unique wall mirror will bring an organic look and feel... [More]
Price: 89.99 Buy Now

Mirrors: Metal Porthole Mirror
Find mirrors at! Enhance your home decor with the rustic look of this metal ... [More]
Price: 89.99 Buy Now

Friday, April 18, 2014

Use Metal Wall Sculpture to Bring an Artistic Touch to Any Room

Abstract Geometric Wall Sculpture
Abstract Geometric Wall Sculpture - Multic...
Find decorative wall art at! Bring an artistic touch to any room with the ab... [More]
Price: 39.99 Buy Now
Poppies Wall Sculpture
Poppies Wall Sculpture
Find decorative wall art at! Poppies wall sculpture [More]
Price: 19.99 Buy Now
Laser Cut Tree Wall Sculpture - Red
Laser Cut Tree Wall Sculpture - Red
Find decorative wall art at! Laser cut tree wall sculpture - red [More]
Price: 24.99 Buy Now
Laser Cut Tree Wall Sculpture - Green
Laser Cut Tree Wall Sculpture - Green
Find decorative wall art at! Laser cut tree wall sculpture - green [More]
Price: 24.99 Buy Now
Rustic Leaf and Vine Wall Sculpture
Rustic Leaf and Vine Wall Sculpture
Find decorative wall art at! Rustic leaf and vine wall sculpture [More]
Price: 29.99 Buy Now
Metal Wall Decor Pair
Metal Wall Decor Pair For Wall Decor Upgra...
Wall decor with great look. Support your existing wall decor with 63048 Metal WALL DECO... [More]
Price: 49.99 Buy Now

Thursday, April 10, 2014

DIY Project: Design Your Own Wall Art

If you are on a limited budget to decorate your room walls, you may not be interested to spend on expensive wall decor such as original paintings. Other wall arts, for example,  metallic wall decor or vinyl wall decals, if chosen a unique design, will be pretty expensive too. However, our budget is not going to stop us from decorating our cozy homes. Show your creativity and design your own wall art which will be unique and one of a kind. Also, the pleasure you will get from this creation will be priceless. Moreover, as you have not spend much, you can change it anytime you want. Whereas after buying an expensive decor, even if you do not like it anymore, you have no choice but keep it. Check out the following picture of a set of wall arts that I designed for my kids bedroom. Hope you will like it.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Decorate Empty Room Walls with Beautiful Paintings

Wall decors are great elements that add detail to your rooms. You can simply hang a bright and colourful painting at the middle of a big empty wall to create the focal point of that room. Although original hand paintings are always very gorgeous, these are pretty expensive too. You can buy  paintings printed on canvas or reproduced paintings which are comparatively less expensive and affordable. While choosing paintings for room walls, try to pick one based on the colours you have used to decorate your room through textiles and other decorative accessories. You can go for either framed or wrapped canvases depending on space available on a wall. A big canvas framed with wood looks really great on giant empty wall. On the other hand,  it will look congested if put on of a small space surrounded by other decor elements on the same wall. Also, before buying any painting, decide whether to go for a single painting or paintings that come as a set. Please check out the following gallery to have some ideas about different paintings and their prices.

  • Original Oil Painting Print: You can personalize print size and type for each painting below by clicking on picture and know the price as well.
Original Oil PaintingOriginal Oil PaintingOriginal Oil Painting Original Oil Painting
  • Handpainted Original Oil Painting:
Gold Against Midnight 79X59 Handpainted Original Oil Paintings Canvas Wall Art, Set of Four Still Waters In Autumn I and II Handpainted Original Oil Paintings Canvas Wall Art, Set of Two


  • Framed Handpainted Oil Painting Reproduction:

  • Malcesine on Lake Garda by Gustav Klimt: 24 x 36 Oil Painting Reproduction with Vienna Wood Frame La Vase Bleu by Paul Cezanne: 20 x 24 Framed Oil Painting Reproduction Branches of an Almond Tree in Blossom Interpretation in Red by Vincent Van Gogh: 48 x 36 Oil Painting Reproduction with Black Satin Frame Starry Night Over the Rhone by Vincent Van Gogh: 24 x 36 Eco-Friendly Hand Painted Oil Reproduction

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Use Wall Decals to Turn Your Room Wall into a Beautiful Art Work

Wall decals give a unique atmosphere to each room of your home. A wall decal is a vinyl sticker that has recently been very popular as a home decorating product. It is also known as a wall sticker or wall vinyl. Decals can be either in a single colour or may have various images featuring words, pictures and designs printed upon them. Vinyl wall stickers come in various shapes and sizes. They may vary from simple wall borders to more complex pattern or design cut outs to cover entire walls.

Wall decals are easy to stick, and easy to remove. Although some wall decals are reusable, most of them are for single use. Wall decals can be used to decorate your kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom and more. You can either order by clicking on pictures from the following gallery or choose from hundreds of wall stickers & murals from Etsy, Wordans, Walmart Canada, or other companies. Some of these companies have option to create customized wall decals so that you can show your creativity by designing you own wall decals. So, don't wait to turn your room wall into a beautiful art work.

Black PVC Branches Birds Door Room Art
Mural Wall Sticker Decal
Black Vinly Quote Letter Floral Door Room Window Art
Mural Wall Sticker Decal
Love Heart Tree Branch Bird Home Room Art
Mural Wall Sticker Decal Removable
Sakura Season - X-Large Wall Decals Stickers
Appliques Home Decor
Wall Sticker Decal Art Mural Room
PVC Removable Cute Birds Trees Colorful
Lime Orange Tree Falling Leaves Birds
Wall Sticker Decal

Every Child is an Artist Wall Decal
Two colors Branches and birds

Wall Decal Nature- Flower Birds Z157 Cuma
3 Birch Tree with Birds, Vinyl Wall Sticker

Magnolia Branch with white 3D flowers and sage green leaves
Flower in the Wind Wall Decal
Branch with Flying Birds