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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Cozy and Spacious Living Room Decorating Idea with Warm Colours

It is brutal cold outside. It is frustrating for many people who are facing this weather challenge for last few months but can not stop going outside but work.  In this situation you may bring some warmth inside your home. This will surely give you, your family and your friend a cozy warm feelings inside the home. 

I have a very small living space which I always wanted to keep looking bigger. Using light colours for walls, window coverings and flooring always help in this situation. However, it is only feasible and practical to change those once in a while. Since I  have dark laminate flooring and dark colour furniture, to make my living room look bigger, I usually move around small furniture and use light colour curtains for my living room. This time I preferred to go for some warm colours for my living room. A very little change to furniture arrangement and a set of new curtains have made my living room look cozier than ever. What do you think?  

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Small Living Room Design Ideas

Everyone has got different ideas and unique style to decorate their living room than others. However, while designing a small living space, this is very common for all of us that we always want our small living room to look specious and cozy.

You can search for small living room design ideas online and get thousands of pictures as a result. Try to find out some key issues or challenges you are facing regularly with your current living room design and then address those areas one at a time to redesign your living room.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Gorgious Entryway Decor Idea

Last weekend, I went to visit some of my friends. I was amazed by their home decorating ideas. Without getting help from any professional interior designer, they decorated their own house with their simple sense of beauty. I learned a lot from them. I can not help but sharing a gorgeous entry way decor idea from one of my friend's house as shown in the following photo.

They just used a wall decor, an animal themed decor accessory, a foyer table, a bonsai tree in a ceramic pot and a decorative tray for the plant pot to get this unique and professional outcome. I found this decor idea very attractive and welcoming. Hope you all will like it too.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How Bedroom Ideas Vary with Furniture Arrangements

There are many ways to design a bedroom. Each bedroom looks different in terms of furniture type, furniture design, furniture colour, furniture settings, wall color, bedroom textiles, lighting and decorations. What are the most important facts for you while arranging furniture in a bedroom?

Check out the following self explanatory designs to see how only the arrangement of furniture can affect a bedroom design. I used a Queen Bed, a double dresser, a night table, a crib and a laundry basket while designing each bedroom with interior design tool. Each design has pros and cons. However, I like the last design (Design 6) most since it shows easy access to every furniture and provides the maximum free space  next to the entrance of the bedroom and thus make the bedroom look bigger.  Which furniture setting do you like best?

Design 1:


Monday, April 7, 2014

Why Does Room Makeover is Important?

All of us more or less need a little makeover to go outside, to attend in a party or on special occasions. We love to experiment with the ways we appear in front of families and friends. We do makeovers to feel good and get appreciated by others for our presentation. From this perspective, our home should get some makeover once in a while. Beside doing regular house keeping you can create new colour theme for a room or move around with colour themes between rooms through textiles, decor accessories or changed layout of furniture. A little change in a room can give you a very good feeling. Checkout my recent makeover experiments with a bedroom in the following pictures.

 Have you recently done any experiment with the way your room looks? If not then get inspired by Spring. Give your room some new makeover to get rid of it's monotonous look and share your experience with "We Love Cozy Homes".

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Add Colours of Spring and Bring Warmth inside Your Living Room


Sounds great when ever someone says that it's Spring time!!  After a long cold winter, although it is officially spring, we all are tired of facing deep winter condition in North America and as well as some other territories. Every one is waiting to see vibrant colours of nature and feel the warmth. However, inside our cozy home, no one is holding us to bring Spring in. It is the perfect time to use the colours of nature to decorate your home. A bright and colourful living room will certainly cheer up and give a warm feelings to your family members, relatives, friends and visitors. 
  • Rearranging furniture is always a good way to bring a new look to your living space. So, if there is a option, go for it.
  • Plan a colour theme by  choosing at most two colours that you are going to highlight in your living room.
  • Check your stock and find out some colourful decorative pillows, cushions, curtains, area rugs, wall decor and other decorative accessories based on the colour theme you have planned.
  • Showcase some of these stuff to bring change in your living room. 
  • Bright patterns and floral designs  are recent trend. You can recycle your patterned cloth and show your creativity by making your own living room textile. 
  • There is always option for buying new decor if you have plan and budget. However, curtains and cushions are the two most important elements that easily bring change in your living room. Please check out following products to buy or to get some ideas:

    • Cushion covers:

    • Curtains:
    • Colourful Sheer Curtain Voile Panel Square Pattern
      Ring Top Chiffon Curtain Voile Panel
      Elleweideco Warm Orange Light
      Sheer Window Curtain