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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Exclusive Decorative Accessories

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Decorative accessories are like ornaments for our home. If you like to collect decorative pieces from different part of the world and display those at your home, you can have a look to the following gallery. Those are not part of necessity for a home. However, if you can afford, adding one or two in your showcase will add some glory to your home for sure. Following unique products are available for purchase. Please click on pictures to view product detail, price and shipping information.
Ceramic decorative box,"Cinnabar"(Mexico)
Painted glass tray,"Colonial Aqua"(Peru)
Wood batik bowls, 'Poker Run' (set of 4) (Indonesia)
Leather catch all, 'Sunflower Charm' (Peru)
Copper and bronze plate, 'Moche Lord of War' (Peru)
Mahogany puzzle box, 'Baby Grand Piano' (Guatemala)
Mahogany and ebony puzzle box, 'Spanish Guitar' (Guatemala)
Mahogany and ebony puzzle box, 'Angelfish' (Guatemala)
Mahogany puzzle box, 'Guatemalan Owl' (Guatemala)
Copper and bronze boxes, 'Grand Peru' (set of 4) (Peru)
Wood bookends, 'Happy Camels' (pair) (Ghana)
Beaded bamboo basket, 'Balinese Dazzle' (Indonesia)
Cuzco plate, 'Inca Wisdom' (Peru)
Leather box, 'Andean Thistle' (Peru)
Mosaic glass photo frame, 'Silver Beach' (4x6) (India)
Mahogany box, 'Srikandi Heritage' (Indonesia)

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