Wednesday, May 21, 2014

DIY Project: Book Holder from Cereal Boxes

Having breakfast with cereals is very common among us. As such, most of us often get some empty cereal boxes. Did you ever think of consuming those boxes and  turn into something very useful for your cozy home?

Those boxes are usually perfect in size for turning into a magazine holder. Apparently, you can make one and use it to organize your books, notebooks and many more. This time by making a book holder for my daughter's bookshelf, I solved one organizational problem at my cozy home.

My daughter has got lots of thin books which are very difficult keep in upright positing in a shelf. Most of the time those flip over one another and create a messy look. That is why, I decided to organize her book shelf by making a book holder for her.

The following pictures clearly shows the difference between before and after making this book holder out of empty cereal boxes.


This book holder has not only helped me to organize her books in the book shelf but also serving the purpose of a book end. Now this book shelf has got enough space to store the stationary organizer I previously made for her.

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